When it comes to financial services debt collection, our process is customized from start to finish. We have experience working with banks, credit unions and non-bank lenders. Our experience includes with personal lines of credit, credit cards, and auto loans and many other loan types.

Key features of financial services debt collections:

    • Secure file transfers
    • Customized reporting
    • A zero barrier collection approach
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Client-Defined Success

Without a clear understanding of your definition of success, it is impossible to build a pro-active, responsive service around your needs and requirements. One of the most common issues our clients tell us they face with other agencies is that those agencies’ success factors are defined by the agency’s definition of success, not the client’s. That contradicts everything we believe in regarding what it means to be in a service business.

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True Stories

Fox Rent-A-Car has partnered with HP Sears since November 2016 to service our bad debt in all of our Locations within the United States and have received exceptional service and competitive consistent results