Retail Debt Collection Services

Debt Collection for Retailers

At HP Sears, we provide custom debt collection strategies for retailers. These strategies are used to help brick-and-mortar and online retailers collect on their debt faster and in a more professional and ethical manner. We provide a number of tools, services, and resources to keep your collection process simple, secure, and effective. This involves crafting a shared vision and building a deep understanding of your business.

Collection services for retailers

We believe in your success. That’s why we don’t charge upfront fees; we are only paid for results. Our retail debt collection services involve a comprehensive action plan that’s unique to your business and guarantees your success. This plan expands to include:

A consumer-focused collections approach

Even though our end goal is to collect your debt, we can’t do that without leveraging a consumer-focused approach. We believe it’s important to collect debt in an ethical and responsible manner. To us, this means maintaining open communication with the consumer, helping the consumer understand any and all repayment options, and educating them on where and with whom their debt originates. By making sure your consumers are treated with respect and dignity, we are able to create a positive relationship and ultimately, increase your payments.

Debt collection resources and support

With a handful of communication tools, an online account management portal, and a team of debt collection specialities, HP Sears is your one-stop-shop for collecting medical debt effectively. Rely on our team to add predictability and strategy to your accounts receivable process through benefits such as:


“Working with HP Sears was both simple and effective. They handled all of the collection details according to our specifications, kept us informed during the process, and were able to collect the entire amount owed to us in a very reasonable amount of time.”

Brian Kneale
Chief Financial Officer