The retail industry along with retail collections have evolved over the years, increased pressure for new customers and maintaining brand loyalty with existing customer is vital. The retail consumers have more choices for credit than ever before so it is of utmost importance for retail collections to be performed by a company that understands and shares this vision.

Key Components of a quality Partnership with HP Sears

  1. A shared vision
    Outstanding consumer relations is of paramount importance to us. It is not our job to increase your collections; it is our job to increase your revenue. Even excellent recovery rate will be undercut and diminished in value if the agency increases its client’s costs through inefficiency and increased administrative burden – whether through consumer complaints, inaccurate reports, or poor client service. HP Sears defines a quality partnership by the total value we provide to our clients:
    a) outstanding consumer relations
    b) responsive client service
    c) efficiency and accuracy in communications and reporting
    d) total compliance with all contractual requirements
    e) highly effective data security and compliance
  2. Outstanding consumer relations

Unlike most agencies, HP Sears takes a counseling approach with consumers. Our approach not only reduces complaints but also increases revenues. Our collectors work with your consumer to help them understand their bill. In a spirit of cooperation, we review their charges and help them to consider repayment options. We will also educate your consumers as to whatever financial assistance options are available to them. In many instances the consumer simply does not understand their bill. HP Sears reps excel at explaining bills/itemized invoices in a manner that provides the consumer with a clear understanding of the charges. Working with the consumer in this way leads to a dramatic increase in payments coupled with outstanding consumer relations, and low collector turnover. At HP Sears, compassion is good business.

3. Credit Reporting

According to your requirements, we will build an account flow parameters so that accounts are reported to the credit bureaus at an agreed-upon age. (Note: HP Sears’s suggested timeline is 30 days after an account is placed for collections.)

4. Online access 24/7/365

We believe in total transparency as a fundamental element of a true quality partnership. We give our clients online access to their accounts 24/7/365.

5. “User-Friendly” Client Service

Our approach to client service is to provide you with a Total Service Package built around your definition of an ideal agency relationship. We will work continuously with you to refine and enhance every aspect of our relationship, from the collection floor-to the client service department – to the mail room.

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Client-Defined Success

Without a clear understanding of your definition of success, it is impossible to build a pro-active, responsive service around your needs and requirements. One of the most common issues our clients tell us they face with other agencies is that those agencies’ success factors are defined by the agency’s definition of success, not the client’s. That contradicts everything we believe in regarding what it means to be in a service business.

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True Stories

Fox Rent-A-Car has partnered with HP Sears since November 2016 to service our bad debt in all of our Locations within the United States and have received exceptional service and competitive consistent results