“How to collect debt effectively” — this is frequently asked by creditors seeking a new debt collection service. As an experienced debt collection agency, we offer a variety of accounts receivable tools to answer this question. These tools include everything from a variety of telephony options to chatbots and email. However, effective debt collection is highly dependent on the age of the delinquency and the type of service/treatment the creditor wants to utilize.

Service Capabilities Offered:

  • Early-Out Program: This is designed to communicate with consumers that are early in the delinquent state. We offer diplomatic, inexpensive, and highly effective methods to substantially reduce your accounts receivable expenses and increase cash flow.
  • Contingency Based Program: This program is customized to the needs of our creditors and the age of the portfolio. When selecting a collection agency, the primary interest is to collect money. However, recoveries must be made in a way that will not reflect unfavorably on the credit grantor/provider. For this reason, we use a compassionate collection approach with all consumers.
  • Late Stage Contingency Based Program: This program is designed to improve portfolios that have been delinquent for over twelve months and/or previously assigned to another collection agency. HP Sears has a proven track record in the area of delinquency.

We will work with your management team to determine how to collect debt effectively, the needs of your portfolio, and the most effective program to meet your unique needs.

Late Stage Collections

Late Stage Collections A Proven Strategy Created for Late Stage Collections If you have a portfolio of accounts that have already been placed for over a year with a debt collector, we can help. Over the last 90 years, we have developed and fine-tuned a proven strategy specifically for late stage collections. Our program can […]

Contingency Based Collections

Contingency Based Collections Contingency Collections Customized For You With contingency collections, we utilize a variety of methods to help you collect debt efficiently and ethically. These methods may include skip tracing, asset searches, legal action, and more. Our skilled debt collectors create a custom contingency collections strategy based on your unique needs and combine it […]

Early Intervention Collections

Early Intervention Debt Collection Fast & Easy Debt Collection Services Taking a proactive approach with collection accounts, we offer an Early Intervention debt program for our clients. This program gives us the opportunity to track down and open up a line of communication with customers before things get worse for the customer and for you. […]

Late Stage Contingency Based Collections

Our program will renew the life in any old portfolio and start the liquidation curve over.