Late Stage Collections

A Proven Strategy Created for Late Stage Collections

If you have a portfolio of accounts that have already been placed for over a year with a debt collector, we can help. Over the last 90 years, we have developed and fine-tuned a proven strategy specifically for late stage collections. Our program can renew the life in any old portfolio and restart the liquidation curve as a result. In essence, we have the ability to extract money that prior efforts have left behind.

Positive Collections for Aged Accounts

The foundation of any collection operation is the debt collector. At HP Sears we define our approach as “positive collections.” Our non-confrontational approach leads to happier consumers and happier collectors, as well. With a single operational center, we do not have the high operational cost of multi-branch agencies, which gives us the opportunity to re-invest a higher percentage of revenues back into the collection process.

How we create positive collections:

Our Collection Specialities

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Contingency Based Collections

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Early Intervention Collections

Debt Collection Resources and Support

With a handful of communication tools, an online account management portal, and a team of debt collection specialities, HP Sears is your one-stop-shop for collecting late-stage debt effectively. Rely on our team to add predictability and strategy to your accounts receivable process through benefits such as:


“Working with HP Sears was both simple and effective. They handled all of the collection details according to our specifications, kept us informed during the process, and were able to collect the entire amount owed to us in a very reasonable amount of time.”

Brian Kneale
Chief Financial Officer